Vibration Analysis / Monitoring open gears

15. 11. 05
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Ensure flawless management of large open gear lubricant requires not only the most suitable possible, but also detailed inspections of the drive unit by experienced personnel. Only in this way is it possible to obtain a long life of trouble-free gear.


LUB & SUPPLY in collaboration with FUCHS LUBRITECH responds to this challenge of maintenance for all machines to open gears lubricated with the CEPLATTYN. Because of our experience and professionalism, this service allows us to ensure a high regard for our customers as well as equipment manufacturers.

Engineers conduct regular inspections throughout the service life of all drive units. Our technicians, in addition to the measures on the gear teeth (vibration, temperature slope, etc..), Make written notes of the general situation of operation, determine the state of wear on the flanks of the teeth, check the lubrication spray and make adjustments if necessary. Even if the actual damage to facilities open gears, we see your maintenance personnel in determining the causes, by symptoms of damage.