Oil Analysis

15. 11. 05
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A predictive maintenance service, A detailed mechanical diagnosis


In the automotive and industrial world, simple preventive intervention can often avoid a major failure or breakdown. The lubricant is the vital fluid of machines. It carries the symptoms of their condition. The analysis of the characteristics of the used oils can therefore identify a problem and its causes before it escalates into a serious breakdown.

In partnership with the laboratory IESPM (European Institute of Predictive Monitoring of motors) based in Lyon(France), LUB Supply offers a service oil analysis to optimize the maintenance of your property.

The analysis of the characteristics of the oils in use to identify problem and its causes before it degenerates into serious breakdown.

With regular analysis of the lubricant throughout the life of the equipment, we assist fleet managers to detect failures of motors and mechanical transmission facilities and water before it is too late.

With preventive maintenance service for oil analysis now is control.