Civil engineering

15. 11. 04
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The maintenance management concerns of the leaders of major parks

LUB & SUPPLY allows management the most profitable but also provides a CONCEPT OF PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE for fleet managers. You realize this:

  •  Economies on the cost of lubricants and maintenance;
  •  An extension of engine life;
  •  A better resale value.

 DIn extreme working conditions of heat, moisture, dust, sulfur levels of pupils in terms of use in Africa, LUB & SUPPLY offer:

  •   Lubricants for Long Periods of drain every 1,000 hours or 50,000 km instead of 250 hours or 12,000 km with    mineral oil
  •  Monitoring Predictive Maintenance
  •   Technical assistance personalized with our oleo-mecanician engineers
  •   Lubrication plans complete and accurate.
  •   Technical assistance and training on site.


                                           COFRAN in Africa is a partner of the largest public works